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19th Mar 2014, 17:55
Haven't seen much talk or discussion about the various types of weapon unlocks that we've gotten from class leveling.

Any excessively good\bad combinations?

Any stats that might provide an advantage while disadvantage doesn't harm?

Do people actually use them, or are the changes too severe or not severe\beneficial enough?

Just curious on the thoughts and see if there is a discussion worth having as these items currently stand.

19th Mar 2014, 18:04
Well it depends on the luck of the draw.
I have a really **** Fullbore cannon with +8% sprint speed, -2% movement speed

Or a decent one like a stormbow with +8% sprint speed, -2% weapon recoil (which doesn't really affect me much)

I also have my most beloved Charge with +8% damage when health is below 33%, and -2% max health.

They seem fine so far, but honestly you can get some really odd ones (like my cannon... it's just... bad)

19th Mar 2014, 18:23
My items aren't terrible. my favourites are:
My blue abduct gives me a bonus to move and attack speed for 5 secs after a kill, with +10% stopping power resist (I recover faster after being staggered or knocked down), but have slower regen rate and slower cooldowns, which doesn't affect me to bad
My warbow gives me faster reload but with less health (it's like 20 hp, worth)
My repeater which gives me faster reload but slower sprint (even more worth)

Ok I just got a reaver pounce from a promotion, it gives me 2% more health, but with -5% dodge distance +5% dodge cooldown.
Besides Evade, I wasn't aware vampires dodged. What does this do exactly?

Personally I find the +15% health from stations useless, especially since when I get it's coupled with stuff like slower reloads, which kill me more often than not getting enough health from a heal. So I spurn any weapon or skill that has this as it's only benefit, unless it's my multicannon, which I like better than the regular handcannon. I just got a multibow that gives me this extra health at supply stations and faster ability cooldown, but less health and less sprint, so I might use that.

I am not a man of subtlety, so when I see that something that is supposed to be a change, I want to feel and witness that change right away, not be something that I would only notice by doing some number crunching, and many of these minor buffs/debuffs I just don't notice with these Off-the-top-of my head examples:

+10% Stopping power resist: I can tell that I recover from warbow shots faster, and I think it has a hidden thing where the sentinel will auto-fly when it recovers, where-as you have to do it manually with out this.
-8% Sprint speed: I only notice this when I'm sprinting with team mates, but since I don't try and sprint from vampires, I don't notice
-10% Climbing speed: This is way more apparent than all others for some reason. I can easily tell that my vampire is much slower.
-2% maximum health: I only notice this because my health says 1021 instead of 1050, but given the scale of every damage source in the game, this is negligible

So in all, I feel that many of these attributes just don't add enough in many cases, or indeed, the benefit outweighs the con and vice versa. Looking at these, I'd say some of these stats should be bumped up to 10%, as that seems to be about the threshold where they become apparent without having to reference them to something else (ie another sprinting human, or climbing vampire).

Also, heading back to the last time I asked about weapon unlocks: I want items unlocks that modify how the basic weapon functions, like say, claws on the reaver that cause him to do less cleave/lunge, but have cut some starting and ending frames to allow for much higher attack speed on a single target, This could fit in either the perk slot, or make a new slot for these mods.

20th Mar 2014, 03:09
I only have one good Unlock, and thats my Uncommon Repeater. -8% Recoil with -2% movement speed.

I don't use fleet footed so I was never gonna outrun a hungry vampire anyway. But it helps me in closing ranges if I have a desperate need to spray.

My favorite Fail is this though:


All of the unlocks that arent my Repeater are pretty much garbage to me, though or don't fit how I play. So for most everything else I just use store-bought stuff happily.

As for "Gamebreaking" combos I haven't really ran into anything too overpowering.

20th Mar 2014, 07:28
I agree the equipment unlocks are for the most part pretty useless:

I typically perma-buy my favored equips with gold, so unlocks are often duplicates w/ additional stats.

The additional stats aren't particularly varied, as I've had several duplicate unlocks (identical item and stats.)

The duplicates I have in my inventory are rarely/never used, because (imo) most of the stats are useless. For many of them the diminished stat out-weights the value of the improved stat. (e.g. -10% climb speed for a small buff to something else? No thanks.)

If the unlocks were always class perks instead of duplicate equips with bad stats, I'd be much happier with the unlock system.

My favorite fail is this though: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/595905321571220220/68D87A4437A9108B91E7439773ED42BE07BD4095/

This is exactly what I'm talking about ... most of my unlocks are just like this.

20th Mar 2014, 08:48
I've gotten a few uncommon ones but never a rare, not a single one of them have been worth keeping though, the stats were never compelling enough to make me want to keep them, I just deleted them outright every time.

20th Mar 2014, 13:13
Well I've got some sweet uncommon gifts for leveling Reaver/Hunter like:
Savage pounce
+5% dodge radius
+5% dodge speed
-2% movement speed

Leap attack
+2% movement speed
-2% health

Siege crossbow
-8% recoil
-5% ammo clip (-0 lol)
-10% ammo capacity (-9)

I am a few days before getting my characters to lvl20 and i wonder what reward will it be on 20,25 and so on?