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19th Mar 2014, 12:04
Ok. I'm an avid Trophy Hunter on PSN, so I know how useful and fun they can be. But I also know how frustrating they can be.

1. No "once in a blue moon" achievements.
If you like a game, you should be able to 100% through dedication and time. And by this I mean exactly "dedication and time" rather than mad skills. So any "get 10 kills without dying", "Turn the scoreboard around in the last 5 seconds", "Kill all 4 enemy team-members in a row within 3 seconds" and other things which sounds like "Only a real master" but in truth are luck based and will probably just end up being boosted.
Same goes for "Fight a team of 4 Sentinels with a team of 4 Hunters". I mean...sure. Just talk this over in chat and boom...achievement.

2. Less"Feat" and more "Progression".
Feats are...getting a double kill or something. Progression is play time or class level. As an online game, progression awards are the way to go. People will pool in more time to get them rather than jumping on and quickly boosting the "feats" with a bunch of friends. Also awards at the start, middle mid-level and maxed out. Because grinding away towards the far off end goal is more fun when you get a prize mid-way.

3. No puns in achievement names
Ah... who am I kidding. You're already writing them. I just know it.

4. Ties to in-game achievements
I've already outlined this in my Award/Trophy system (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/showthread.php?t=8901&highlight=award) topic, but it bears repeating. An in-game bling is very fun to look at when it accompanies the dry "achievement" on steam.

That's it from me. Any other suggestions?