View Full Version : Theory: Terra's heart is in Lea.

19th Mar 2014, 05:53
From what the title says I believe that Terra's Heart could possibly be in Lea. Please remember this is just a theory but I will start with some facts that will help support it.

1. In BBS, Terra-Xehanort having control issues uses the keyblade , stabs himself and goes unconscious and falls into a dark portal. Then we know Aqua saves Terra-Xehanort by using her armor and keyblade to escape while she falls into the darkness. We also know that Lea and Isa are around the time are getting thrown out of the castle. To end Terra's heart might have been Floating around(possible) and found that Lea might have been an interesting candidate since he is loyal , has a good heart and is nearby. So he could of joined with him temporary.

2.The Face on Yen Sid and everyone when Lea summons his keyblade the first time. It kind of comes off that they didn't know he was going to get the keyblade that quickly. We also right now do not know who gave him the right to successor(some say it was Yen Sid but was not officially confirmed.)

3. Their is one clue that is another possibility and that looking at the relationship with Axel and Roxas. Now some will look at the relationship with Lea and Ventus for why they are close but for now put that aside. What i would look it is how Axel is more of a big Brother to Roxas. Same as Terra is a big Brother to Ventus. Roxas has a lot of facial features that resemble Ventus(something to keep in mind). However a lot of similar things happen like ,Both groups at one point go and find each other and at another point defending each other. It is just an interesting link and could be a hidden clue.

To conclude this is just a theory ,however i think that Lea is a more important character as we think and could play a bigger part in KH3. Please keep an open mind while debating. Also i cant wait for KH3.

20th Mar 2014, 10:34
True, but didn't Terra give the rite of succession to RIku in BBS? I personally don't think his heart is floating around in the aether, they can only pull that stunt once before it feels like they're cheating, I'm pretty sure his heart is still bonded to the armour, hence why it's dubbed 'The Lingering Will' ie Terra's lingering will.
That said what you said based on Axel and Roxas's relationship to justify Terra's heart being in Axel can also apply to Sora and Riku's. This would also make more sense based on the scenes on Destiny Isle where Terra bonded with Riku, Ventus with Sora and Aqua with Kairi. The two trios seemed to be a lot more heavily linked than Terra and Ventus would individually with Axel and Roxas.