View Full Version : Vita Final Fantasy X-2 code expired?

19th Mar 2014, 01:25
the code that came in my pspvita does not work to download ffx-2 from playstation network on my vita. how do I get this fixed??

19th Mar 2014, 01:37
Mine isn't working either just got my game from gamestop 15 mins ago.

19th Mar 2014, 01:58
yeah, mine isnt working either. talked to sony, they said the code was already expired! ugh, they sent me to complain to square about it.

19th Mar 2014, 02:23
Yeah, I'm in the same boat here. What the heck, Square-Enix? >:(

19th Mar 2014, 02:37
having the same problem i hope this gets fixed

19th Mar 2014, 02:39
Yep, I'm getting the same thing! Sony told me to call SE, but of course they have the worst hours possible to call them! Come on SE! Get this fixed for us!

19th Mar 2014, 02:56
Same problem here. This sucks

19th Mar 2014, 17:53
had to send customer support email. hopefully they give us what we paid for... :(

20th Mar 2014, 18:50
I am still having problem with the code...phone line is busy ,had to write an email

24th Mar 2014, 17:35
I didn't even get the freaking code .. I sent an email to the Support and they reply to me with: "That service is not supported". WTF square

6th Apr 2014, 08:22
I just bought the psv Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. But when I try to input the Reedem Codes for Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster. It said " The code you entered may not be correct.......". What is the problem?

14th Apr 2014, 05:30
Make sure your region code is the same as your account,my retail was region all :)

14th Apr 2014, 17:45
I just bought the retail for region all but X-2 code didnt worked. Any idea why and how to resolve this?

15th Apr 2014, 04:57
What Region are you? and tell me what country is added for playstation store on the back cover? like na.playstation.com or...???

and what error did you get after code?