View Full Version : Final Fantasy XIII-2 made me appreciate this game more.

31st May 2012, 09:41
I liked this game when I first played it, but it felt like something was missing from it. I'm not talking gameplay wise either (like side quests and stuff). The story just seemed...incomplete. After thinking about it a while I came to understand the FNC mythos as much as I could with the material available. However it just seemed like something was really anti climatic after you left cocoon and the pulse adventure began (at least until the ending that is).

Last week though I was looking at the scene when Cid Raines confronted your party (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJw5G7GwsHM#t=4m29s). Orginally I thought this scene was really out of place and kinda "thrown in because you needed to battle a boss." However after playing through Final Fantasy XIII-2 (got all 160 cyrstals and finished RoTG) I was really able to see the beauty in the scene. It was really because of the persepctive that was given by expanding upon the mythos in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

31st May 2012, 11:54
Wow I love how you just pointed that out to me, even after playing XIII right before XIII-2 I still missed out on something little like this and how it makes more sense now =]

But I agree with you wholeheartedly, the sequel made me appreciate the original so much more, and I can't say that for many games at all.

31st May 2012, 20:04
Glad you to hear you did. It seems really hard to find people that will say positive things about FFXIII outside of comments on YouTube. lol I'm thinking about going back and playing (or maybe watching on YouTube) the game again so I have of it's moments just click right like that. Can you think of any other scenes from the first game that made a lot more sense after playing XIII-2? I know I liked the ending ALOT more afterwards.

31st May 2012, 20:36
Etro's gate was seen quite a number of times in the final chapter, so that probably shows that Etro was watching over everything, and wanted to help Lightning and them.

2nd Jun 2012, 19:57
There are several references to Yeul through the Analects. I'm in the middle of replaying but haven't been paying too much attention to XIII-2 direct connections.

2nd Jun 2012, 20:59
I's be interested to see the references to Yeul, I didn't think there were any.

By the way. Is the XIII-2 logo at the top of the XIII forum for anyone else?

2nd Jun 2012, 23:29
Yes, it's at the top of the Forum for me, too...

I actually liked FF XIII -2 more then FF XIII -1, but was a little sad they took away your cast just to give you Serah, :(
Lightning goes Wandering the lands Memoryless, really? Why you take my Lightning away? :(

Serah's an interesting character, but she lacks that feel you felt while playing as Lightning... She lacks that leadership role, the Hero sorta role, shes like a kid, heh...

An interesting kinda kid, might I add, though... The things I didn't like was that she runs kind of a little funny...

I've played FF VII, FF VIII, & FF Tactics Mini Games, I think it was... FF X, FF X -2, FF XIII, FF XIII -2, & finally now FF XIV...

I gotta say, i've never played an RPG till FF VII, I just never really liked them, but for whatever reason I kept up with FF VII, & I guess I can say without FF VII, i'd not be playing any RPG's today... so thanks to FF VII, i've now started playing more, & more RPG's now...

My Favorite FF Game is FF VII, I like FF VIII, too... But it's been so long since my last FF Game, so after buying FF VII, I figured it was time to get a Newer FF Game, which came FF XIII, FF XIII -2, & FF XIV...

I was so hyped up about FF XIV, cause i've never played an RPG like that Online, although, I was horribly let down... The Trailer for it was so much better then what the Game turned out to be... Character Generation was the main aspect that killed the Game for me, not just that but the Character Visualization, too... The World looked amazing, though...

As for FF XIII & FF XIII -2, I dunno why people did not like thoughs Games... I'm a little disapointed in the Story, & Visual Display on the Character Designs, but not enough to Dislike the Games... They were both fun, & FF XIII -2 I felt had a little more Free Roam from the start... & jumping now was a nice improvement to the Game...

Over all... If they don't disapoint us with FF XIII -3, like they did with other Games, like those Online Passes, & DLC Content Passes, or whatever they throw at us, then i'll be looking forward to FF XIII -3... I can't wait to see how the Story & Game Play develops into that Game, what does everyone else think? =D

Lastly, i'm Glad more was put in this time around... Loads of DLC, Arena Fights, more Playable Characters...
Though, I could do without $5 PS Store Items, though, hah... oO

If i'm not mistaken, FF XIII -3 is the Conclusion of FF XIII that is, no? Just a thought...

Almost forgot, FF X & FF X -2? I didn't like, FF X had a nice Mini-Harry Potter Game, but other then that, I just didn't care for it, it reminded me too much of Kingdom Hearts which isn't really a FF Game to me, it's a Cross Over Game which I dun care for... As for FF X -2, I could do without the Deadly Sins of Yuna's Voice... She had a good signing voice, how is that death defying? Really, your going to kill people with Singing Songs as your Weapon... Got it... Bad Yuna, bad... Stop Singing, & just get the job done... Anyways, I dislike FF X -2 because of the Combat... I thought it was just dum humor...

Again, FF VII is still the best in my Book, =D

3rd Jun 2012, 01:21
I's be interested to see the references to Yeul, I didn't think there were any.

I believe it was just what she wrote in the Antalects.

3rd Jun 2012, 07:37
This isn't an ironclad Yeul reference, but there's a flower lying on the chair on top of the schoolbuilding in Oerba. It's a neat little easter egg IMO.


3rd Jun 2012, 11:41
Of the analects, at least two are Yeul prophecies (I don't have 11, and I'm assuming there's a 13th one? 12 is the highest I have). Both of them are directly about the party in XIII

3rd Jun 2012, 11:45
I already had tons of appreciation for what XIII accomplished before XIII-2 hit, but I definitely agree that XIII-2 as a whole adds to the first game a lot. I remember thinking when info was first trickling in for XIII-2 that it was gonna be a thematic progression of XIII, where the first game was all about being stuck in an oppressive fate and breaking out of it, then once freed, XIII-2 would be opposite when without fate chaining you down you can change reality and jump around the timeline. This didn't end up being the case, but I don't think anyone could have forseen XIII-2 being a middle entry in the saga.

I think XIII-2 adds a lot because it is so different to the first game, but still very connected to the first game. I love how they reuse music from the first game. And expanding on the mythology and world is really interesting when you apply it back to what we saw in XIII.

An interesting point that I saw someone notice is that the place the six from the first game were teleported to when they are first branded seems to be somewhere that looks really similar to the Historia Crux, just darker.

6th Jul 2012, 23:37
I totally have to agree with you!

I am currently playing XIII-2 right now and dang I love XIII more. Don't give me wrong I love XIII-2 but I missed Lightning and the rest of the crew. :(

6th Jul 2012, 23:53
WHat I really want to know is how is SE going to finish the story. The Paradox Endings just aren't going to cut it, and the ending made it look like it would take a full game, not DLC episodes, to properly finish it.

9th Jul 2012, 09:01
Gonna agree with this too. Except I loved XIII since it has been released.

9th Jul 2012, 09:09
really interesting except there are some that doesn't like it. my brother perfers the originals witch is good because it's real interesting that they had 2 player co op. (in battle)

24th Sep 2013, 08:09
i really hope that SE release this game on PC, cuz dont have consoles :D

27th Dec 2013, 00:25
I just got FFXIII-2 for Christmas...haven't finished the first one yet, probably never will, was way too repetitive for my tastes (what can I say? I grew up on Mass Effect/Fallout3 etc) but hopefully this one will have a bit more variety.