View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Chat bugs

18th Mar 2014, 11:34
The first bullet-point already has its own bug thread, but I thought I'd list all the bugs I've encountered here (since chat is especially buggy):

Teamsay is visible to all players. [seen in most recent patch]

Sometimes user input is directed to the chat window after the player has closed it, resulting in "chat-lock"; player input is ignored, instead directed to a hidden chat window. It seems to occur randomly after having closed the chat ... after typing something, I've jumped off a ledge with Sent and started flying, then swooped down into a fight to find my movement keys being ignored. [seen in most recent patch]

Before the most recent patch I encountered the opposite problem: a chat-window that wouldn't render any text input at all, but also wouldn't close, preventing me from using any of my keyboard bindings. I had a near-identical issue in the most recent patch, except that I was able to close the chat (to resume gameplay) and reopen it (though chat input was not restored.)