View Full Version : Collector's Edition online only? Really!?

17th Mar 2014, 13:37
*don't know exactly where to put this, so putting it in here b/c it about products* This question is to square and the people that works for them who are behind this decision. why in the world are u only having online purchase for your collector edition for your games recently. It is very annoying for people including my self where we barely make enough money to pay just a big chunk all at once when where wanting to buy/purchase these version of games that we would like to play. It would be great if you go back into allowing stores (ex. gamestop) to be able to pre-order these collectors edition because alot of them allows it where u can pay them off slowly so its not hurting us financially when buying these. Who ever decided to do this, needs to go to hell for this retarded idea that prevents people who don't make enough or cant afford big chunks of payment all at once.