View Full Version : Lingering Spirit and Mysterious Stranger

17th Mar 2014, 13:25
For those of you who've made it to the end of the game have probably encountered at least one of these guys. After having Sephiroth as the fight of all fights in the previous two games I can honestly say BBS took the cake when it comes to overly hard bosses. Did anyone here actually beat these guys?
After about 100 tries I finally defeated The Lingering Sentiment (Vanitas) with all three characters, but Mysterious Stranger (Young Xehanort) was an absolute nightmare. I have never been so dejected from a boss fight in my life. Beyond impossible. If anyone here actually beat him you deserve a medal, seriously.

27th Jun 2014, 13:33
can't even get close to him.... :'( i only last for like a minute running away. hahaha~