View Full Version : BOTH FACTIONS Combat system + 2 Scout Access key

16th Mar 2014, 15:22
When Nosgoth became Betha combat system became totaly awful, you can see it quite well when play Reaver, his fast kicks (LMB) from time to time get target only like 1 of 3 or 1 of 4, sometimes even there 3 foes close to each other and you hit but no damage was deal, you can see it more often when you dodge shot, your foe behind you, you hit him but your kick will get target only if you look at him in straight line, if he move a bit left\right (he isn't in the center of your screen) you will get closer but your damage will be zero (it's more looks like you caress him then kick) in Alpha wasn't such ****
I bought Scout when I have 1 lvl, now I have 2 scouts (2 Scout's Access Key and 2 Standart Scout's Armour) can I sell one set?
Btw, Steam - worst choice you ever made, it always updating and from time to time you can't connect to steam server (and we talking about program that exist more then ten years)