View Full Version : pc goty edition gets extra challenge maps

27th Mar 2010, 12:52
These same challenge maps are available for FREE on other platforms (ps3 and xbox) yet have been and still are unavailable to the PC user who bought the game almost one year ago and are now only available via a GOTY edition purchase. This is totally crazy, please someone tell me i am wrong and that pc users can actually download these maps we were told that we would never have.

If you are seriously expecting the GOTY edition to sell just because of 4 extra maps that are available for free on other platforms then i am gobsmacked.

28th Mar 2010, 23:00
GOTY releases are usually only to push up the sales and call the atention on the title once more, usually it gets shipped with all it's previous downloadable content to justify pricing it as a new game
and that's what batman aa goty is, the game with it's dlcs on the disc, but in pc version the "prey in the darkness" dlc is still unreleased (so only 4 extra maps on pc no 6) and i really don't know why :(

I'll love to hear a word about this from eidos or rocksteady but no one answer questions around here :(

31st Mar 2010, 23:03
they should be available for pc users who already own the game, you cannot just give them away and give the middle finger to existing users who were wanting them at the time the game was released only to be told that they would not be.