View Full Version : Fraps new 30 second feature

27th Mar 2010, 09:13
If anyone was wishing for the feature on the PS3 that records the last 30 seconds, Fraps can now do that.

New feature for registered users - loop recording.
Press and hold the video capture hotkey to start a 30 second buffer.
The framerate counter will turn pink (magenta) to show that video is being buffered.
When you want to save the action simply tap the capture hotkey and the recording will continue as normal (including the previous 30 seconds of footage).

It's only on the paid version.

27th Mar 2010, 11:05
Thanks JoeMCause. I am going to check out the new feature, as I like recording odd situations.
I wonder why they didn't send an email notification of the newer version.

27th Mar 2010, 12:19
Weird, I got a email about the update.

27th Mar 2010, 12:38
I just tried it out in JC2. It works great.
It makes recording easier for me, as it doesn't seem to kill the framerate when I am in the 30s buffering loop mode.

7th Apr 2010, 08:37
nice tipp!


and now, we want a free to control camera in game :rasp: