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16th Mar 2014, 08:04
Reaver's Leap Bug

there's a bug i ran into several times during my gameplay. it deals with the reaver's leap. after you leap/are leaped on and if you land on the edge of a platform the animation will go through but nothing will happen, a similar issue happens on the docks when you are leapt on and you happen to be next to the water with the rope barriers, your human character becomes stuck, unable to move, only attack. Although this is rarely a problem, when it happens it's quite frustrating for the reaver/hunter alike.

Scout's Camouflage Rework

not sure if it's by an oversight or by design, but when you try to use camouflage... well.. it doesn't work. By that i mean it works, yet a simple design of the game ruins it. It has a massive failure rate when using it to try to get away due to the numbers which float over your head for a second and a half anytime you take damage, meaning its impossible to use it as an escape mechanism. Furthermore, probably due to balancing reasons, it's use to ambush is dysfunctional due to a charged arrow lighting up giving away your position. so it's only real use is in-between fights to use it to run to a resupply station to heal. As an ability with a 25 second cool-down which breaks stealth after any action, i feel it could use some work. stealth is a tricky thing to try to balance. Perhaps if there was mist/water/grass/lighting more around the map that would reveal movement or shadows, then that would balance it if no longer kept numbers above your head.

Party System

As many have said before, the party system on the beta needs work. Me and my fellow dwellers of the night can attest to the seemingly non existent preference the game has when assigning teams. Even if you are in a party of only 2 and you try to play with your friend for hours, at least 75% of the time it separates you on opposite teams. It sounds a bit like a harsh exaggeration, but me and many others can confirm it is not so. perhaps a pre-match making party formation that would then match you against other parties. This is actually my biggest concern revolving around the game. If the game is going to advertise itself as competitive, you should be able to easily organize an organized competitive team to go against another one.

Game modes

I was brainstorming the other day what kind of game modes they could possibly add on that would be balanced and keep this game from just being another M.O.B.A. . A few things popped into mind so i thought i'd just throw them out there

I. Survival

Sure alot of games are doing it, but after playing with alot of people and hearing what they wanted with the game, alot of them said the same thing. A survival with vampires/hunters would be awesome. Whether it be humans surviving npc vampires or just a player vs player survival type game trying to hold out for so long is ultimately up to the devs. However me and a few friends do agree it would be nice to play against just npc vampires and hold out against them.. with the game mechanics this game has it would be awesome. God forbid i mention it.. but cod zombies ain't got squat on that idea. It would also be nice that if such a game mode was made with it's own maps, it would be nice to have interactive things on the map such as a draw bridge that goes up, or gates that close remotely if someone reaches a switch(presumably in the open to give it a tactical aspect as to whether or not its worth it).

II. Siege/sarafan stronghold(silly me, theres already something called siege but heres an idea, it wouldnt be called seige obviously but yeah..)

This one is a tough cookie.. it would be nice to play as vampires with a hard objective other than to kill. While i'd love to see something like hunters holding out in a sarafan stronghold trying to keep vampires out, whether it be a survival type thing or keeping the vampires from an objective.. it would be hard to balance. If the map is made wrong, either it will be a stronghold that is too turtled up, or the vampires will be able to just go in with tyrants running everyone down close quarters. Furthermore, as they add more classes, which they will most likely, it'll be hard to keep it balanced for all classes. Such as if it's too closed of a building, sentinels will feel alittle useless, or the humans can all stick in one corner hallway with traps and it'll be fish in a barrel.

III. Battlegrounds

Let me just start by saying... this is highly unlikely to happen, but it doesn't hurt to dream.. afterall.. "suppose you flip a coin enough times.. suppose one day it lands on it's edge." Basically what i'm thinking of is a game mode which has around 20 players on each team, fighting over strongholds/towers. Somewhat like guildwars2 does, only with vampires, like have mid sized fortresses with high walls and spike overhangs to keep reavers and vampires from climbing up. It'll be like, the only way in is to have a tyrant bash the walls or use a tyrants/reavers leap to jump in and use a lever to open it up, or have a sentinel dive bomb in and do the same. naturally accomplishing such a feat would be hard with humans shooting over the sides, so i'd wager there should also be some underground tunneling leading to the basement of the fort which goes up.
Imaging around 4 of these fort like towers/objectives all on one map. Balancing would obviously be hard trying to get a middle ground as people could deploy many tactics, such as what happens when the vampires all zerg together, or the vampires all go sentinel and zerg and divebomb together... or what will the connection be like with 40 players battling it out... so many things to take into account that i don't see them attacking such an epic task.

End Notes...

there are only a few game diminishing bugs/issues which are worthy of mention, i'm sure these are the top 3 unless there are others i have yet to stumble upon. Again i haven't been knocked against a ledge/port for a couple of days so i'm not sure if it's been addressed yet, however the scout's camouflage is an ongoing issue along with the party system.
can't wait till this game is fully polished and they start releasing more game modes/classes/skins. Furthermore i hope the game becomes popular enough to entice people into the LoK series and hopefully get an addition to the main story. there's only a few minor things which aren't even game breaking such as the sentinel's quirkyness when trying to abduct/kidnap and very very slight balancing issues(the game is really balanced :D ). looking forward to the future updates. I will continue looking for issues big and small and post em. I love the Legacy of Kain series, it's my baby...

~GrimDeityOfDeath(in game)

16th Mar 2014, 18:28
I believe Camouflage is fine when used right. A lot of people just use it when there is a vampire focused on them, at that point camo is useless, as the outline is clear enough at that kind of proximity. People that have been successful with camo use it when they realize the fight is lost, and they aren't quite the vampire's center of attention. So what they do is pop camo and run to try and meet up with respawning teammates while invisible. Also, I know this is more of a gimmick than anything, but
you can use flameslike the braziers on sommerdamm or the burning houses on valeholm to hide the flame on the arrow while charging.

16th Mar 2014, 22:15
Oh don't get me wrong, i've used it successfully and gone 13 and 2, but most times situations don't allow for it.. so it is very gimmicky. the only real way to use it is to stay away from your team mates and shoot from odd corners/angles focused away from the fire. Just my thoughts, i never see anyone using it and when they do.. well... lets just say it don't work out for them :D it's stupid easy to just follow the numbers popping up till you see their outline.. and a 25 second cool down just to get one hit in or run away from the fight(when you aren't being targeted anyways) makes little sense when one can just use the 240dmg interrupting daggers 2.5x as much which are ALWAYS useful.

being able to take out a pursuer or save a team mate with daggers, or just take out 25% of a vamps health before dying is far more useful than using a skill to run away before you are targeted or to reach your team mates.. if i wanted to reach my team mates safely all i have to do is run from cover to cover. i know its hard to strike a balance, and not saying they shouldn't have some kind of penalty on it aside from the cooldown and such, but it's only real "safe" use is to use it after a battle or right before an attack, comparatively you always have a use for the daggers, which is why no one uses anything else most of the time. an added note, in the heat of battle with a bow that only can fire 5-6 shots before a 2 sec reload and not having anything to fall back on other than perhaps a trap or aoe you sit on is unreliable. this is another reason why people use the daggers so much. it's not like i fail at the game or am Q_Q'ing it's just legitimate observation. scout is my favorite but seems so hard to play with camo. you find yourself only using it outside when running around and its so annoying when you have to deal with blind sentinel pickups, numbers popping over your head, and aoe skills easily keeping you from using it reliably, the thrown daggers just have so much more to offer. i have faith in their balancing. if anything i would love to keep it alittle underpowered than overpowered because it IS usable for good players.. i just feel like i'm handicapping myself.. its like using a sniper with 5-6 shots and choosing not to have a sidearm to fall back on, and for a team game, with camo you have to sit away/behind everyone and let them initiate. when they all die you can use it to hide, but if you had been in the fray, you could possibly have used daggers to kill/interrupt and saved people more often than not.. anways just my opinion, you don't have to agree with me. i just record my gameplays to analyze and find daggers far more useful and save me more than camo, guess the best defense is a good offense