View Full Version : TYRANT Rework Jump Mechanic

16th Mar 2014, 01:52
The ability is understandably a powerful engage is large open maps, but as of right now thats all it can be and in very very limited situations. In my opinion the ability should be reworked a tad bit.

In my opinion the ability would be much better suited if the longer you held the ability down, the farther the Tyrant will launch himself and perhaps do more damage the farther he launches himself, that way if you just click it you can leap an extremely short distance while still dealing moderate damage so you arent forced to completely give up your engage unless you are completely across the map and outside.

This is obviously an opinion but i feel this change to the ability will help the Tyrant have a better all around feel to his kit when using this ability, the player shouldn't be forced between a long range ground ability that works in all circumstances vs an extremely long range/outside only/inaccurate ability


16th Mar 2014, 02:00
Jump can be controlled well enough, you can hold movement keys to aim while ascending, and you can tweak some while coming down.

16th Mar 2014, 02:59
I have no problem controlling the trajectory, really. My only problem is if I miscalculate and hit a wall. And sometimes a ceiling of some sort.