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15th Mar 2014, 19:15
We were talking on Raidcall about skills. Props to ThatsNotMyPirate!!!!!

We've been all talking about visual distortion for echolocation. How about since it's technically sound, actually the skill changin game audios. Make the humans lose sound effects during the echolocation. This would effectively hide all the tells from abilities and make the ability a legit trade-off for the others.

15th Mar 2014, 19:28

This idea was brought up before, I love the idea and it would add a lot of gameplay to the skill especially as a team ability.

30th Mar 2014, 19:49
I've been curious about this skill for a while, as I never really see an enemy using it. I'm not entirely sure how it functions at this point in time. For the accuracy reduction, how does that even work? Does it do some kind of screen effect for the humans (blur, wobble, etc) or is it just an increase in the jitter/spread with no visual or audio cue? Does it only effect them when the skill is first used, or if you get close enough after it's used, would it still effect them? How close do you actually have to be? Does it share their location with your allies in a similar way that other vampire skills outline them in blue (pretty sure Shadow Bomb does this)?

One of the things I really don't like about this skill is how hard it makes it for the sentinel to see, everything gets crazy dark, which makes flying down low between buildings pretty difficult. I've been trying to use it right before the abduct/kidnap ability, to throw off their aim (doesn't seem that effective) while I steal one of them away. But the reduction of my own vision usually results with me smacking into walls and other obstacles.

For a deafening effect, I think that would be pretty awesome. This kind of effect actually happens a lot with the light bombs and standing in the healing pools and such, and it's actually a pretty effective debuff.

6th Apr 2014, 05:15
It would be nice if it painted the humans for all the vampires instead of just the sentinal.