View Full Version : PC JC2 SDK/In game video editor/devmode - comment to support

26th Mar 2010, 15:11
I believe that those of us in the PC area, should recieve some sort of JC2 SDK software.

Imagine - creating custom vehicles, weapons, In game cinimatics, objects affected by physics, and even, new worlds.

A standalone program with integration for Cinema4D or more preferably 3DS MAX.

The possibilities would be endless.


I almost forgot to
mention a possible mutlipayer extension. Even if it was just a two player co-op, for use in freeplay or campaign, imagine the further replayability that JC2 would offer. I would be willing to pay at LEAST 100$ to recieve all of the above mentioned features. This game would never get old.

Once again,

In game video editor - I have no way of knowing whether the editing feature for The ps3 version of JC2 was paid for by Sony, but just imagine creating stunning action videos using an editor comparable to GTA4's in game editor. This of course would be PC exclusive and would be a GREAT addition to JC2. One of the reasons many of us spend more on high end gaming PCs is because of the endless possibilities of certain games that on a console would be limited. For instance, Nazi Zombies on pc can be played in many ways. Type timescale x, x being a number as low as 0 to 300 or more. Binding a key to timescale 0.4 allows you to activate slow motion in moments of extreme action. Try doing that on an xbox 360...
Anyway the point being - pcs are more capable and therefor should recieve at least some perks. Plus I am pretty sure they are easier to program for as well.


lastly and in game dev mode would be great as well. (xbox and ps3 as well)

players can play in developer mode where they can choose from many variables such as :

infinite ammo
infinite money
speed modifiers
infinite grappling hook (imagine that)
vehicular invincibility (vehicles cannot be damaged nor can you be hurt while in one - applies only for Rico's vehicles.)
super jump
and possibly (for pc users) a console for commads such as the above mentioned "timescale".

All of these ideas would contribute to my idea of a game with endless ammounts of replayability and i hope avalanch studios will consider my proposals. Please comment indicating your support - the more of us that agree the more likely it is to happen.

Even as it is JC2 may be the best game I have ever played.

27th Mar 2010, 00:28
Kind of depressing so little modding support the devs have for PC.

Mods right now are basically injecting code into the game. It would be cool if we got a dev kit, or even a tool to extract the .arc files so we can edit them, repack them and load them up. Full rotation while in parachute mode, and a much needed tweak to the heat system - I honestly think it is pretty lame atm and I wish I could mod it. It sucks when you try to be stealthy and attach sticky bombs to some property, run away 100 yards behind a building - blow it up - and the HEAT IT ON YOU. SUDDENLY CHOPPERS AND GUARDS AND BOATS JUST


they hone in on you, and worse, they know YOU DID IT, so if you pop your head out its lit up. I hate that in games so much, like the psychic guards in Oblivion. It's a great game but ugh - that aspect I wish I could change so I would have to be SEEN by the NPC when I commit a crime in order to get heat.

I realize blowing up a landmark draws attention - but if I wasn't seen doing it, the alerted guards shouldn't pinpoint me out of everyone else in the area, but go on alert status. Even yet, if I do topple a statue - or blow up something if a guard wasn't around nothing should happen!