View Full Version : HUMANS How to make them more fun.

15th Mar 2014, 18:31
I've been thinking on this post for a while, as any one that's played with me knows, I absolutely can't stand playing the human side, it's the worst part of the game for me, something that I have to endure to get to the good part of the game (the vampires). I'd like nothing better than to never play them again but since the ability to opt out of playing one side or the other will likely never happen, I've been trying to think of a way to make the human side more fun for myself.

I don't play shooting games, I've never liked them, always considered them boring and I still do. Aiming a ranged weapon is a skill I've never had nor really cared to develop but in this game I'm forced to use it whether I want to or not, I haven't really improved at all in the time playing. There have been games I've played before that required shooting, but in all those games I've played there was the option to lock on to a target rather than aiming manually. I reached level 16 in alpha and am level 22 in beta, since then I've noticed some marginal improvements in my aiming but it's not anywhere near enough to make a difference. As it stands right now the only way I can win any match is if the vampire round is first and we win by at least 10+ or more or the rest of my team is absolutely amazing at playing humans. If none of those criteria are met then I can't win, never happens.

So I thought on how to make humans more fun for a player like myself and came up with a solution, Reavers when they use their default pounce have a hit marker that tells them if their attack will connect, I suggest adding such a thing to all human ranged weapons, not an auto-target mind you (lock-on would solve my problem but it would be absurdly overpowered), I mean give humans a target reticle of some kind and have it turn a different color if you're able to hit a target. This won't make much of a difference for players that are good at shooting and for players like myself that are terrible at it it will give us a better measure of success. I have posted vids of my human gameplay before and I do occasionally get a string of good shots, but let me say straight up that is purely luck and not my own ability.

I also understand that this would make the humans even more so the stronger of the two sides, but the human's damage being too high (especially the hunter) is already being talked about in other threads, for my opinion they could use a damage nerf across the board, but I digress. This change would make playing the humans at least tolerable for me and I hope the devs will consider it, I hate rage quitting but I'm about at the point where I feel it's better for my team if I just drop after the vampire round is over or leave the lobby if I have to play human first. I probably would have already done this if I didn't need the gold.