View Full Version : How to install Just Cause 2 to another partition?

26th Mar 2010, 13:09

i wanted to install the game on my H:\ partition yesterday, but havent found an option to do so? dont know if im stupid or blind but the game installs itself in my steam directory without asking me if i want to!?!? (my first steam game and already not happy with it - didnt want to let me install the game at first because it said it has not been released!? WTF i bought it in a shop, thats released to me at least :rolleyes:)

Anyway i would be happy if someone could help me out with this. i normaly dont install games on C: (even though i got 60Gigs free there).
am i missing something? plz help me, want to reinstall it today, thx guys!
(btw. tried to ask the question on steam forums but it takes hours for them to activate your forum account :mad2: )

thx in advance!

26th Mar 2010, 13:12

In that topic, it says you have to move your steam application to where you want the games installed.
It links to a topic showing how.

26th Mar 2010, 13:17
wow, thanks a lot for the quick reply!
seems steam realy sucks..
anyway, moderators please close the topic or delete or whatever.
(sorry havent found it with search, probably overlooked it)