View Full Version : Go Go Install / Download!!!!!

25th Mar 2010, 23:58
Game is now available, after waiting all day........then untill 1:00 (here in Italy). Happy gaming guys:)

26th Mar 2010, 00:18
Does anyone else have this issue? Just entered my code on GFWL and it says the code isn't valid :|

26th Mar 2010, 08:06

All DLC is via Steam, not GFWL

26th Mar 2010, 08:20
Steam fails... thats the ONLY mistake Edios made with marketing.

26th Mar 2010, 09:55
Steam fails... thats the ONLY mistake Edios made with marketing.

I disagree.. The steamworks features are great, ability to play without needing cd in drive, achievements, cloud save games.. all good to me

26th Mar 2010, 09:59
What you are overlooking is the fact that Steam can now control who plays, and they are forced to use an account in order to actually play the game, am I correct? I personally would of gotten JC2 for the PC if I didn't have to use Steam.

26th Mar 2010, 10:27
Once the account is activated you do not need to be online to play the game, unlike some other games. Steam is totally available offline (so can be played on laptops etc). Steam allows you to play on multiple machines, just not `at same time` which is understandable..

I dont get how this is a bad thing at all.. It auto patches you so you dont even have to worry about that.

26th Mar 2010, 13:53
Yeah, yeah, I had a high opinion of Steam until they disabled my account for no good reason. Twice.

26th Mar 2010, 14:00
Obviously we have no control over steam in that respect, did you petition them? am sure would have felt they had reason, if incorrectly they would reverse the decision

26th Mar 2010, 14:03
I prefer Stardock :D