View Full Version : Patch upon release?

25th Mar 2010, 22:32
I would like to buy this game, and am planning to tomorrow. however my internet only alows a certain amount of memory to be downloaded each 30 days, and we are almost at our cap. I know the game only came out the 23rd, but is there a patch out? and if so, how big?

why do i ask this? Just Cause :P

Thanks mates, happy gaming.

25th Mar 2010, 22:51
there is a minuscule patch to bring it up to ver 1.01 i think.

Also internet capping sucks join http://stopthecap.com/ and fight the good fight.

25th Mar 2010, 23:30
thanks, and i'll look into it. Another thing, any ideas how a Factory Superclocked GTS 250 512MB will handle the game?