View Full Version : K&LDD 2 - Demo?

25th Mar 2010, 11:17
Hey guys,

I am wondering if there will be a Demo for this game [xbox 360], the game seems interesting, but I do not want to pre-order it or even buy it if I don't like it, and I've never played the first one, never knew this existed to be honest XD.

25th Mar 2010, 12:54
I believe it was pretty much confirmed that there will be a Demo , but i doubt it'll be released any time before August ...

That said i'm not sure if playing a demo is a good way to make us decide whether a game is worth buying or not , especially the demos that are made Before a game is released ...
They're often unpolished compare to the final product And / Or they simply fail to capture the mood of the game ...
Dead Space for example , great game , bad demo ...

PS : your honesty in admitting not knowing Kane & Lynch exists is admirable ... pity we'll going to lynch you for breakfast anywya ...
ARGH ! ...

25th Mar 2010, 13:08
Hehe, not my fault I live under a rock ^_^.

Playing the First Demo made me want this game, I will be watching this forum like a hawk, if any new information comes out I will be on it!

Demos help me decide if I want to buy it, I go into a Demo thinking and knowing that it doesn't FULLY represent the full game, and that it will be polished and better, so if the Demo rocks, the game will be kick ass :D

25th Mar 2010, 19:01
Sure , why not ...

This forum ain't exactly a crowded mall so feel free to take a whole couch here all for yourself ...

25th Mar 2010, 20:22
Just don't take my couch...

25th Mar 2010, 20:43
Don't worry , nobody's even going to want to take your couch ...

25th Mar 2010, 22:45
I hope the demo (if there even is a demo) to have a single and co-op with one mission we can complete single or with someone and with a single level of Fragile Alliance. That would be pure awesome. Just like the Dead Men demo.

26th Mar 2010, 11:22
^ Agreed! Some multiplayer features would be nice to show off. Like 1 tiny fragile alliance level?:whistle:

Sig 552
31st Mar 2010, 19:43
I'm sure I read on one of the Kotaku previews that IOI were hoping to get a demo out before the game is released...

1st Apr 2010, 07:51
I'm sure I read on one of the Kotaku previews that IOI were hoping to get a demo out before the game is released...

Yeah I read that too and it wouldn't harm the game as people will be able to get hands on with the game before it comes out hopefully generating some positive interest.

8th Apr 2010, 00:07
Rest assured that I will constantly be checking PSN for a demo. Constantly. When I find one, you guys'll be the first to know. Assuming you don't already.

Ashrak Aiemain
25th Apr 2010, 08:12
Fingers crossed for a demo, I'm itchin to play with this new camera style.