View Full Version : Weather moves way too fast glitch

25th Mar 2010, 01:03
I am having a really weird problem with where the weather in the game is moving a lot faster than it should. Clouds scream across the sky at ridiculous speeds and thunderstorms only last about 10 or so seconds before they just seem to evaporate, and then it goes back to the super fast clouds. I played the demo before the full game and the weather was just fine with no problems at all, and i made sure to delete the JC2 folder in MyDocs before installing the full game. I have tried updating drivers and uninstalling the game and completely re-downloading from Steam to no avail. Nothing is overclocked so I don't know what the deal is. It seems like the timescale for the weather is sped up but I have not modded anything.

Specs: Q6600, 4 GB ram, Geforce 8800 GTS 640 MB, Vista x64, and plenty of room on the HDD


26th Mar 2010, 03:41
Any Eidos people have any ideas or suggestions?

26th Mar 2010, 06:41
hey man same thing is happening to me clouds going very fast and only getting 10sec thunder storms at most ill get onto this wat os do you have?

26th Mar 2010, 06:43
sorry didnt read your whole post not os then caus i have win 7 64bit. mabe someething to do with 64bit edition, not demo cause i didnt have that

26th Mar 2010, 07:46
The demo had perfectly normal weather for me which makes this fast weather really weird. I am using the same settings same PC as in the demo and I am now getting those supersonic clouds.

26th Mar 2010, 10:24
hey just fixed mine tried updatin video drivers and reinstallin sadly the only way to fix it was restart the game it looks like its somethin to do with the savegame being corrupt. wen u start a new game just make sure u dnt have the supersonic clouds. :)

26th Mar 2010, 21:46
Yep starting a new game with newer drivers fixed it. But man it really sucks because I had collected tons of stuff and 100%ed like 140 places. Oh well the game is still a blast to play.