View Full Version : Insane Night DLC Problem

25th Mar 2010, 00:49
I have B:AA for the PC, and I had downloaded the Insane Night DLC. That was on my old system. I recently got a faster system, and when I try to play the DLC maps in challenge mode, it tells me to connect to the LIVE marketplace. When I connect and try to redownload the map pack, it says that there is an error. Does anybody know how to get the map pack redownloaded?

31st Mar 2010, 20:28
bump. anybody???

31st Mar 2010, 21:28
one suggestion is to start a new game or reintall the game. o and you cant back up your saves.

31st Mar 2010, 23:03
well it doesnt have to do with the saved file (im only at the beginning of my second playthrough), so it may have to do with the game. if that doesnt work ill just call microsoft and ask them for help. thanks.

11th Apr 2010, 02:03
Copy the maps over from your old computer install, they are in BmGame\CookedPC\Maps

If that doesn't work copy over the entire old Batman AA game folder along with your Xlive one (after backing up your current 2nd play through saves)