View Full Version : No Video at Game Launch

24th Mar 2010, 22:57
I installed the full game yesterday with no problem but today, I launched the game and my video cuts out and my monitor says 'no video input'. I can hear sounds but just no video.

My system is as follows:

i7-920 2.8GHz
6GB DDR3 1600
GTX 260 Superclocked ( I do not have latest driver due to ongoing problem)
Vista 64

I've been trying to find any info but to no avail. Any help will be great. Thanks.

EDIT: I just finished re-installing with the 197.13 NVIDIA driver and it launched just fine. I'll update tomorrow when I launch to see if I have the same problem.

EDIT2: I tried the game this morning and it worked fine. I realized that I had left all files from the Demo on my comp. so I don't know that had something to do with it or not..