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24th Mar 2010, 21:35
I dont know if its an SLI problem or poor programming, but I am having a hard time playing this game for more that 5 mins. I cant find an update, i really hope they fix this one way or another. anyone have the same problems on a similar machine?

i7 950
eVGA x58 Classified
12GB DDR3 1666
3 GTX 285 OC Superepipe Ed. Tri-SLI
2 G.Skill Falcon 128GB SSD RAID0
1TB Seagate LG BDR

Anyone have any idea how to get more that a steady 20fps. I have tried about every combo of settings I can think of.

If I could post my DxDiag i would, if it will help I could copy/paste it in.

24th Mar 2010, 22:13
Umm, yeah, only two options here:

1. Your tri-sli config is causing the problems. (WTF do you need 3 gtx 285's for, anyways?)

2. Something is obviously quite wrong with your computer. My comp is a pentium e2200 dual core @ 2.2ghz, 3gb 800 mhz ram, and a gts 250 1gb. Now, if I can play this game at mostly high settings getting an average framerate of around 40, your 3000 dollar gaming rig should be getting somewhere in the region of, what, 200 frames per second?

Perhaps your pc has picked up a virus of some sort. Do you by any chance use the piece of swiss cheese known as Internet Explorer? If so, then I'd be downloading Kaspersky or something and running a scan. If you run IE, chances are you've been infected with something.

24th Mar 2010, 23:28
This is a fresh install of Win 7. I also installed BitDefender 2010 before anything else, it has real time protection running at all times. This install is only 3 days old. I have all this hardware because I diddnt want to have these problems. I have about 30 games that ran fine in Vista 64, all at max, I dont understand what this game has the others dont.

24th Mar 2010, 23:36
i dont even have everything at max right now. AA is at 2x?! I have the current nVidia drivers. just flashed the 2 solid state drives with the latest firmware. I went into the BIOS and brought the CPU down to stock speed, ran with 1 core, turned the res down, I have nothing other than steam and evga precision running in the background(just so i can monitor temps, and the cpu speen on the g19). I have searched google but found nothing that helps. I am running out of ideas. This game looks fun but its almost unplayable. I know there is something conflicting i just dont know what it is.

24th Mar 2010, 23:51
It is strange. I have an average of 54.88 fps (Fraps) in the benchmark tool.
My specs are:
Intel quad core extreme 3.2 ghz
4 gb of ram
geforce 260 sli
7200 rpm 750 gb maxtor hard drive
Nvidia nForce 790i Ultra SLI motherboard

25th Mar 2010, 00:14
This is a fresh install of Win 7. I also installed BitDefender 2010 before anything else, it has real time protection running at all times. This install is only 3 days old. I have all this hardware because I diddnt want to have these problems. I have about 30 games that ran fine in Vista 64, all at max, I dont understand what this game has the others dont.

BitDefender is a system resource hog. I remember just a couple years ago, it was using 200% (yes, TWO HUNDRED PERCENT) of cpu cycles on core2 machines. Read that in multiple reviews. I see in your other post you mention that only steam and monitoring software are running, but in this post you say real time protection is on at all times. If it is running at all times, that could be your problem.

I would get rid of bitdefender completely and see if that helps (fully uninstall it, don't just go into 'gamer mode' or disable real time protection). If you find that BD is the problem, get rid of that crap-ware internet security program and just use simple ones like Microsoft Security Essentials (free) and Comodo Firewall (free, but ONLY use the firewall part of it. do not opt in for the "optimum defense" or their a/v as you'll be answering pop ups nonstop.)

One more thing you can try is tweaking the services running on your rig. I haven't dealt with 7 yet, but with Vista there are plenty of services that can be disabled to improve system performance. Windows Search (useless), Readyboost (useless), Shadow Volume Copy (really useless), etc..... Read some tweakguides for win7, you can turn off some of the crap in the background.

Ooh, another thing is: do you have SSAO enabled or at high even? I would think a single gtx285 would run with SSAO fine, but maybe the tri-sli config and SSAO is problematic? SSAO is a real framerate hit. Try turning it off completely (game looks better without it anyways).

Good luck.

25th Mar 2010, 01:10
yea the first thing i do is go into the services index and start turning stuff off, msconfig same thing. I have a long list of tweaks that i do after every fresh OS install, everything from turning indexing off and disabling services to moving the page file to the 3rd platter drive. I have a hard time telling myself it from lack of resources, the most I have seen, even in games is 12%ram and around 30% CPU. I do agree with you that BitDefender is a hog, I bought the "Game Safe Ed." but it doesnt work with Win 7, so they upgraded me to Internet security 2010. The only thing that it runs is real time pro. and the firewall, all the other crap is turned off. When game mode is on it slims it down even more. I will exit the program and see what happenes, maybe there is some conflict. SSAO was off too. I wanted to see what I would get with everything turned off or low but still on 1920x1080. I did get up to 45-50 fps, just a min ago, but it took the beauty out of the game. I think there is an SLI issue that has yet to be resolved. it might be operational, but not fully functional. The things you mentioned, are all very valid points. Ill try with BD not running.

25th Mar 2010, 14:01
so i had to completely uninstall BitDefender, it wouldn't just let me exit out. I don't think that was a problem, it still ran the same as it did before, with low settings i got 45-50 FPS and high settings i get the same 20-25 FPS with vsync on and off. I don't know what the problem is. I think i might have to put this game back in its case and wait for any patches that might come out.

26th Mar 2010, 00:32
His processor has 4 cores. I can't imagine that Bitdefender would be the sole problem. What is memory and cpu utilization look like before he starts the game?

26th Mar 2010, 00:46
Right now I have IE open, Evga Precision, a g35 app, a g19 app, steam and the task man. going. My current CPU usage is 1% and 2.01GB of Ram. Thats what I usually have right before the game.

26th Mar 2010, 01:54
i installed the new nvidia drivers that came out today, it helped, a good bit too. when im in the air i am locked in at 60fps, but on the ground, in the cities i get a big drop, all the way back to 30-35fps. New driver helped.

26th Mar 2010, 05:08
Same here with the poor frame rates on the ground. I don't know what's wrong with us. My cpu is down to 2% or so and 2Gig of available ram when I start the game. I shut down everything possible, but still, the performance is poor. And it's only with this game. We meet the reccomended requirements(Past the minnimum) so I don't know what the deal is. I have the new Nvidia driver as well today. I don't seem tho have these issues with other games, like Dragon age, ArmaII, Battlefield 2 (The new one), Supreme commander II, Mass Effect II, Divinity II, Batman(The new one) or Aliens vs Preditor(The new one.)

The game revies report smooth gameplay. So I just don't know. I've been an avid gamer for many years, and am good at making all possible resources from my pc available to run games, ie shut everything down prior, etc. But this one has me stumped. I know I should get better performance, but can't quite figure it out yet. I'll let you know if I do. It's probably something small and stupid that we're overlooking.