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14th Mar 2014, 20:19
I've been playing for a little while and there are a few problems. The lag I get is horrific and I have heard others complain about it too. I've turned my details down to low and I still lag out quite often, mostly when alchemists are doing their abilities. Also when you first open the game, when you go into a lobby, when a match starts, and when the match ends it takes almost a minute for it to do an "online syncing" so that could be better. If those two things are problems on my end I'm sorry for bothering you but also when a match ends and it says where people picked items up if you hover over the item the information appears way above it and it can't be read because it's off the screen. Other than this I enjoy it and I like the concept. It's very fun when I'm not lagging.

14th Mar 2014, 21:24
Is it really lag (Ping issue) that you see or is it FPS lag?

If I am correct the online synching can take longer if the servers are more busy, a dev should know this better then me cause I never looked into this issue. (longest time it takes me is like 15 seconds)

The Item issue is a known issue and will be fixed later on.
Good to hear you like the concept, if it is Ping lag don't worry more servers will come later.