View Full Version : landing problem

24th Mar 2010, 15:57
when i start playing for first time i must take the pda in the air from the dead gunner.....after that i must land in the landing zone but i hanen't got parachute and i don't know what to do....how i must continue after taking the pda?????
someone help.....please....

24th Mar 2010, 16:28
i dont get and i dont have any speec:mad2:h reinstalled 5 times already cant open parachure and have no speech

24th Mar 2010, 16:33
Try grappling the ground?

24th Mar 2010, 16:52
You meaning at the very beginning of the game? after you have the pda it will prompt you what the key is to get the parachute out.. i believe its spacebar..

25th Mar 2010, 07:57
but the thing that pops up and tells u to hit spacebar dosent come up and even if u try hitting the spacebar... it dosent work :/