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24th Mar 2010, 09:54
Hey guys,

I'd like to start off by saying that the Developers did a great job on Just Cause 2, and with that, I'm happy to say there is minimal bugs that I have come acrossed.

Sound: Sometimes during Stronghold missions, the voice "skips", kind of like he is stuttering, but it is too suttle to actually be stutters, its too noticable and quiet frankily tends to get annoying. Other then that, and the Black Market Mission Fail bug, the Sound ranks about a 9/10. [Read farther down to read about Black Market Mission Fail].

Graphics: The Graphics are stunning, I love the fact that your character "adapts" to the scenario, if your in the snow, he gets snow on him, if your in the desert, you get dirt on you. I have yet to come across any major "ewww" bugs, just a little blur down on the road when in a helicopter, which isn't that noticable, I only saw it because I was looking for it. I also enjoy the fact that the vehicles get Dirt, Dust, and Snow on it. Another thought I have about the graphics is the fact that the Blood Splatter goes away, I think it should stay, and I also think that "Scorpio" should get blood on him. I give the Graphics a 9/10 [Read down for comments]

Gameplay: The gameplay is great, I have been playing it for nearly 12 hours straight (actually about 13), it is very indebt, I enjoy it, the missions are outstanding, the voice work isn't that bad. The only main comments I really have are about the Vehicle Damage, and some poles floating. [Read down for comments] I give Gameplay a 10/10

Physics: Well, this isn't really relavent, but I enjoy the Physics in Just Cause 2, I enjoy flinging an enemy up in the sky with a Propane Tank, and I enjoy destroying the cranes, watching them fall realisticly. The only thing I do not like about the Cranes, is it ALWAYS crashes the SAME exact way. [Read down for comments]


There is a brief Submarine that pops up in a mission, I wonder if we get to use one? [Kind of random, just felt like saying it]

"Blackmarket Mission Fail" - This is really a "stupid" bug, I came across it by accident, I had crashed my boat on an island during a mission (where I had to chase some boats), and I called in the blackmarket, I was in the Vehicle Menu when all of a sudden the screen changed to "Game Over", so I restarted from checkpoint, and then my sound went away, I could hear explosions, gunshots, but no Engine of my boat or anything, it eventually fixed itself after I extracted to a location using the Black Market.

Graphics Comments:
I enjoy the graphics but I was thinking that the vehicles could use a bit more dust on the front, I've noticed that mainly all the dust goes on the side, what I mean is when it is actually snowing, it doesn't contact with the vehicle, it just falls to the ground.

Gameplay Comments:
The vehicle damages way to quickly IMHO, I can hit a very small pole and it would put a HUDE dent in my vehicle, it makes me feel as if my vehicle will explode if I hit a small rock.

Physics Comments:
Watching things being destroyed and falling is fun, and so is crashing your plane, I was thinking that the plane shouldn't explode upon impact, unless it is nose first ofcourse, I am thinking if the wings are hit, then the wing damages and the planes handling is effected.

-Will update when I have more.

Game rates 9/10 - Score goes by lowest given score.

24th Mar 2010, 11:22
Good read :)
I don't have the game yes (tomorrow i hope :D) but this read has hyped me even more.

24th Mar 2010, 22:34
I was just playing the game, and I came across this "game stopping" bug, it seems that I can walk through buildings, and I can't grapple on to them. I restarted my xbox, and about to test it again.

EDIT: Restarting fixed it, this also happened on the xbox 360.