View Full Version : Black Market -- making me feel like a dork

24th Mar 2010, 06:04
Ok....how with PC controls do I upgrade my vehicles and weapons? I am not getting told by the game what the control is and the best I have found searching the manual, and internet for this information is the 360 control....which is of little use to me.

Thank you for any help!

24th Mar 2010, 06:21
ummm click on upgrade in the black market menu...

24th Mar 2010, 08:38
Use the mouse to click on the `upgrade` button.. it will show you how much the next upgrade will cost and how many parts u have available to the upgrade

24th Mar 2010, 11:16
Had tried clicking with mouse and never got an upgrade but apparently the number 1 is the way to get PC upgrades....I would of course figure it out after I posted :P