View Full Version : Introducing the Panau Island Directors Club

24th Mar 2010, 05:28

It was originally scheduled for Just Cause 2's Friday EU launch, but as suggested by Mike Oldman, I secretly released the Directors Club yesterday as a soft launch to iron out all the kinks, and I am pleased to announce that the Directors Club is open for business!

Thank you to everyone who has helped test it, you really have been a great help, and I look forward to seeing all your user created videos whether your using the PS3 capture feature, or PC software like Fraps or WeGame, or even on your Xbox 360!

Once logged in, you will be able to:

Link your YouTube account to Import and Upload your videos directly
Share your videos with the rest of the world
Comment and rate any videos

Uploading videos directly to YouTube is still under development

Visit the Directors Club: http://www.panauisland.com/directorsclub/
User-guide: http://www.panauisland.com/community/index.php?/topic/278-directors-club-user-guide/

24th Mar 2010, 08:41
Good to see its fully released! a great addition :D

24th Mar 2010, 18:29
Well, as I said it was originally scheduled for release at the same time as the UK release, but I've used the US release as a good "soft launch" to make sure everything is working ok, which it wasn't at first but I'm glad to say I have resolved that issue!

Also, you may be getting a bit annoyed at the PS3 videos being uploaded as Private, well... importing videos to the Directors Club automatically sets them to Public for you! No need to visit YouTube to "publish" them :D

Try it out, see what you think... and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

24th Mar 2010, 18:34
nice :D , I'll be adding my video's at the week-end!

27th Mar 2010, 03:57
Just released some major updates to it which some of you might really appreciate.

The ability to edit the title and description, along with the automatically set to public feature I added before is just awesome for all your PS3 Upload to YouTube videos which by default are set to private and the following title and description: "Just Cause 2 video - Video from Just Cause 2 captured by gamer!". By importing your videos and making any changes within the Directors Club, it will also apply the changes to YouTube too!

If you're not using it yet, you definitely should be!