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24th Mar 2010, 05:09
Hello, I am playing the PC version using the xbox 360 controller.

I am noticing that the button prompts that appear on the right hand side keep switching back and forth between saying what controller button to push, to what keyboard key to push.
If I walk up to something and let go of the stick, the prompt may say 'push E to mount', but in order to remember what button to push, I have to move around the stick to get the prompt to swap to 'push Y to mount'.

Also, when I am aiming with the controller, it is slow to move, but as soon as I stop the stick, or move it in the opposite direction, it speeds up, but continues the direction initially pushed for a second. It is hard to describe.

Lastly, when I am moving the crosshairs around, if I move them upwards and let go of the stick, the crosshair slowly drifts back down a little.

EDIT: Thanks to Deadman, found out the mouse option "Enhance Pointer Precision" was enabled and giving periodic mouse inputs.

24th Mar 2010, 05:37
It's only supposed to switch to keyboard/mouse prompts when you use a keyboard or mouse.
So if you touch your joystick (rowr) the buttons change to xbox, touch your mouse and they change to keyboard.

The fact that it keeps switching to mouse AND you are having strange crosshair movements makes me thing the game is receiving mouse input commands for some reason.

Try unplugging your mouse when you get in the game, just to test

24th Mar 2010, 06:08
Try unplugging your mouse when you get in the game, just to test

Thanks Deadman! That fixed all the problems I was having. Turns out my mouse options had Enhance Pointer Precision enabled, and when that was turned off, everything was fine.
I used to be unable to switch weapons with the d-pad, unless I was moving the stick while hitting the d-pad.
But after your suggestion, that problem is gone now as well. :thumb:

24th Mar 2010, 07:41
Excellent! Glad to hear it. =]