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24th Mar 2010, 03:55
Update: Resolved

Enabling the Bokeh filter while using SLI appears to have been causing the crashes as well as a very dark fog in some scenes for me. Not sure if this is a systemic issue, but others using an SLI (or possibly Crossfire) system may want to be aware.

Just picked up a retail copy off Steam, but the game has been crashing to the desktop at least every 10-20 minutes since I installed it. It started with a 100% repeatable crash in which every time I tried to save my game manually from the menu, it would crash to the desktop without an error message. Now I can save the game, but it crashes at random intervals during gameplay.

I've tried all the boneheaded stuff: reinstalled the game, reinstalled video drivers (did a clean install of the brand new Nvidia 197.25 drivers using Driver Cleaner), reinstalled physx, uninstalled 3d vision, blah blah blah.

So, couple questions. First of all, where does Just Cause 2 put it's dump files during a crash? That seems a good place for me to start. Secondly, do we know that this is using the Steam cloud functionality, and has anyone else had problems with saved games and Steam? I tried moving my save game files out of the documents directory, but my save game still loads, which is what leads me to believe it is stored on the cloud.

I can give more detailed system information if anyone has ideas, but first I wanted to check if anyone else was experiencing a similar issue.

24th Mar 2010, 04:16
System specs? Can't tell you much without them really. It seems I've been one of few to not have any issues... Except with steam anyways... Lol.

24th Mar 2010, 04:29
Alright, well I'm running:

Vista 64bit
Nvidia GeForce 295 (Trying with SLI disabled right now)
GeForce 8800 running Physx (Currenty disabled)
Nvidia 3D vision (Currently disabled)
Intel i7 920 Quad Core
4 gigs DDR3 2000 Ram
Gigabyte X58 Motherboard

24th Mar 2010, 04:53
To be completely honest... Haven't a clue.. You shouldn't be having a problem. I'm thinking that you should try re-installing... As sucky as it sounds...

24th Mar 2010, 05:00
Tried reinstalling once already, didn't fix the problem.

Right now I am thinking it might be an SLI related issue. More specifically SLI combined with one of the advanced graphics settings (either the Bokeh filter or SSAO) seems to cause me problems. When I load the game up with SLI, I get <1 frame per second for the first 30 seconds or so. As other people have also noticed, the screen also goes very dark during cutscenes and when I zoom in through weapon scopes using SLI.

Haven't had these problems and it hasn't crashing yet using a single card, though the framerate's not so good. I'll update if I find anything else.

Update: The combination of the Bokeh filter with SLI definitely seems to have been causing the framerate drops and strange dark fog effect. We'll see if it was also causing the crashes.

24th Mar 2010, 08:46
The `recalled` nVidia drivers would have had fixes for us in there, however due to the fan control issue rearing up the drivers had to be pulled back.. hopefully they will fix these asap

Eidos Support
25th Mar 2010, 14:32
I'm curious, do the newly released nVidia drivers resolve this Tokensonly?