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24th Mar 2010, 01:52
They gave it a 8.8 of 10. they made a video review Here is the link :http://ps3.ign.com/articles/107/1079533p1.html

24th Mar 2010, 01:55
woot been waiting for an ign one

24th Mar 2010, 02:32

24th Mar 2010, 02:34
Gametrailers gave it an 8.0

24th Mar 2010, 02:35
that is awesome!!!!! i predicted IGN giving it like 8.4 thats just awesome..... **** gametrailers they only give really good scores to like super hyped games

Orange Freeze
24th Mar 2010, 03:08
I've always felt that Gametrailers gives very respectable reviews. They're one of my faves actually

24th Mar 2010, 03:09
got GAMEINFORMER magazine today....JC2=9

review is too long so I didnt write it.

24th Mar 2010, 03:52
It's getting lots of positive feedback which is great.

I tend to read 5-6 differing reviews from loads of mags/online based companies and it's good to see so many are saying the same things.

JC imo has done exactly what the very first GTA had done in it's time and that was lay it's foundations and produce a game which was fun and iterative all the while showing massive scope that was unfulfilled..by that i mean JC1 was so expansive for it's time it was empty and sometimes tiresome similar to GTA but that said it was a shed load of laughs and anyone whom played it would have known then that the scope was there for something magic in future by these guys,and so here we are many years later with what is the next step in what i think will be a new evolution in this type of sandbox..

The similarities with GTA are very good (some may disagree based on JC having it's own personality ect HOWEVER I'm not alluding to that,I'm talking about how a developer births and then grows) This instalment will generate so much good press and many more fans besides the word of mouth base and the original fans of jc1 and that should give them the impetuous to further develop this genre and evolve it.. It's very exciting lol

I know it's too early to be talking JC3 or other sandbox games with others themes and renamed (such as RDR) but with the evolution from jc1-jc2 i can't help but feel I'm once again part of gaming history.....

24th Mar 2010, 04:02
"If you're crazy enogh to 100% this game it will take you forever"

That one made me laugh, but he is right one section of Panau city alone has 100 things to find and destroy