View Full Version : how come it always says fall height not base jump

23rd Mar 2010, 20:55
im trying to basejump from top of mile high club like shown on youtube video if i jump it says fall height and if i just run off of it it says nothing at all!! why>? am i not base jumping right? please help

23rd Mar 2010, 20:59
Help plz!

23rd Mar 2010, 21:00
Base jumps are only counted if you start out on land, it would be unfair if you could beat the base jump record by using a plane/heli, therefore I think the Mile High Club is considered vehicle and can't be used as a base jump.

23rd Mar 2010, 21:01
theres a youtube video of someone getting it from there

23rd Mar 2010, 21:02
I think its because your actually falling, a BASE jump by deffiniton is :
B- Building
A- Areial/antena (like the radio masts )
S- Spans like bridges and things
E- Earth ( cilffs and mountains )

I think its not counting off the mile high club because its like a floating platform and not attached to the ground. So therefore this would be classed as a skydive.

llx Todd xll
23rd Mar 2010, 21:58
Help plz!

Don't double post

23rd Mar 2010, 22:03
Because by definition you can't do a BASE jump from in the air.