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23rd Mar 2010, 19:29
And one that's been mentioned by many others: the game won't get past the "New Game" loading screen. The piece of advice that I've seen tossed around the most is upgrading one's drivers, but... that's not really an option, since I use a laptop, and nvidia hasn't released new laptop drivers since December (and I have those, of course). I found one useful piece of advice in a two-week-old post, about using the task manager's "Processes" tab to set affinity to exclusively CPU 0, and that let me get past the loading screen... but, the game then started freezing rather often. I'm guessing the load was just too much for the one... node, I guess would be the right term? Stick of memory? I'm honestly not sure what the different "CPUs" are referring to; I thought of CPU cores at first, but there are 8 listed, and I only have a quad-core processor, so that seems wrong.

Anyway, please help if you can! I'd rather not watch a fun-looking game that I paid 45 bucks for just... sit there.

...afterthought: to help you get an idea for my machine, it's a factory-standard Alienware mx15. I'll grab the specific specs when I get home from work.

24th Mar 2010, 05:25
hey man,
I was having the same problem as you, and I have an M17x.
the thing that is doing it I've narrowed down is one of the bottom 3 settings (bokeh filter, and something else.. I think it was spectral something??) turn those off, and your away laughing.. or at least in my case.
I'm pretty sure it was just bokeh.. but just play around with them.

24th Mar 2010, 09:43
Thanks a lot, that worked like a charm!