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23rd Mar 2010, 18:58
As I was playing at 51% completion, I went into Crocs lair to collect the spores and when I was getting ready to escape, after collecting all my spores, I ran into this bug . Pretty much, I was doing my final run and suddenly I dropped to the bottom of the sewers. I can run and walk at the bottom but that is pretty much it. Any ideas? I have version 1.1. Got the game from steam.

Thanks for your input.

Mistress of Fear
25th Mar 2010, 04:43
I had something like that happen to me in Oblivion once "fell" into the sewers and couldn't get out, had to go back to my last save. I would assume it would be the same but seeing as we don't have "saves" so to speak you either have to hope the checkpoint happened before that or restart completely.

25th Mar 2010, 20:18
Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah, I was kind of hoping for a miracle fix but I think I will have to go and do the whole thing again. I do not really mind but I hated the multiple scarecrow levels. Unfortunatelly the problem is that Batman falls immediatly to the water and there is nothing I can do about that.