View Full Version : Random/awesome things which have happened to you?

23rd Mar 2010, 16:03
Name awesome or random things that have happened to you.

1. Attached my car to the back of a harrier as it was taking off, It couldnt fly and we started to spin out of control, the grapple didnt break until the harrier hit the ground and exploded xD.

2. Attached a little car to the back of the cargo plane, it went SO fast on take off, then when it was going up my car flipped over and hit the left engine and the plane exploded LOL!

3. Attached a harrier to my helicopter, but the harrier kept trying to fly so it made my helicopter do 4 barrel roles before we hit the floor!

I suggest you do the above, if your in a car and your grappled to another car then the grapple never seems to break.

23rd Mar 2010, 16:05
I attached two airplanes to eachother, than fly and jump to the otherplane :P

23rd Mar 2010, 17:28
An awesome thing to try out, very action movie-esque,
Fly up in a helicopter as high as you can and jump out. I was using one of the large cargo heli's, and as it's plummeting back down to the ground, you can chase it and try and re enter. It's pretty fun 'cause the heli spins wildly out of control and there's and alarm going off and everything.
I managed to get a grapple on it just before it hit the ground, but I was too late and had to open my parachute. It exploded and I was only feet away from joining it on the side of the mountain :D