View Full Version : MISC. Matchmaking: an elo system of some sort instead of total level

14th Mar 2014, 08:15
Total level balancing just doesn't work at all in trying to make fair teams to have a good match. If you want to have decent match making you really should implement some kind of elo based system to try and pair players that way so you can even out the skill level in matches a bit. It'll improve your matchmaking a ton.

14th Mar 2014, 09:06
I hope the level thing is just temporary. Numerous players including myself have requested a proper rating system, hopefully they make one soon.

14th Mar 2014, 18:16
Using KDA and Damage would be better. Don't know many modern games that use level as a matchmaking system.

14th Mar 2014, 18:39
We are planning to use MMR-style matchmaking as seen in other popular multiplayer titles these days. LoL, DOTA, etc.