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23rd Mar 2010, 15:12
I've got a xbox 360 control and the only thing that responds are the joysticks. All of the keyboard bindings were blank and I had to set them up. Still can't figure out how to make it so I can get weapons from crates, which has me stuck in the first mission. When I go to see the control configs for my 360 controller, which I'd prefer to use for better steering, I see at the top of the menu: Demo_GUI_TXT_13. Don't know if that's what's causing the issue or not. Pressing ESC doesn't do anything either. Which is really weird. Everything was fine in the demo....now all is wacked.

Running on Windows 7 Home Premium

Generic PnP keyboard and mouse

Can't seem to port over the control config's from the demo since there is only one file in that folder in steam.

So what do I do to get my 360 controller to work? And what are the key bindings?

23rd Mar 2010, 16:28
Go to your documents and delete all Just Cause 2 related folders (should be Square Enix and Just Cause 2), the problem is related to files left behind by the demo conflicting.
This is how I fixed it, hope it helps!

3rd Apr 2010, 19:32
Search for a file named JC2Settings. make a backup, delete it and rename the Settings file in the same folder to JC2Settings.