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23rd Mar 2010, 14:05
After about ten or so minutes, maximum, of playing the game, the graphics seem to "invert" or something. It's really hard to describe and, for whatever reason, any screen shot or video I try to take of it ends up only capturing the main screen and mouse movements. The only thing that I can do to see any change is turning V-Sync on and off.

With V-Sync off, the graphics invert and the screen seems to flicker between two different view points, one really close to Scorpio and one at normal distance. With V-Sync on, the screen flickers gray and there's a gray line running from the bottom of the screen to the top and from the left of the screen to the right, meeting in the middle and making a little, lighter gray square. The same thing happened in the demo and re-installing (twice) didn't help so I don't think it's going to help here.

I really hoped that it wouldn't happen in the full game, but no such luck. I'd really, really like to play this game unhindered so help would be insanely appreciated.

I have the latest ATI drivers, I'm playing on full settings (overheating isn't the issue as my card never gets over 80C while I'm playing), and here's a DXDiag (http://viewer.zoho.com/docs/bDrld).

Thanks in advance.

23rd Mar 2010, 14:13
my card never gets over 60c while playing...

does this happen with any other games? if so it might be the first signs of a dying video card. What card are you using? i have a ATI Radeon 4890 and this game is smooth as silk and looks fantastic. no problems at all.

23rd Mar 2010, 14:34
I have a 4850 X2, and it doesn't happen with any other game. I was just playing Crysis (full settings) for a few hours straight the day before yesterday and didn't have any problems.

And when I say that it never gets over 80C, that's just a safe estimate. The highest I've actually seen it is 74C and it only stayed that high for a second or two.

Edit: And sorry for the wait; I've been trying different settings to see if anything changes. Nothing has yet.

23rd Mar 2010, 14:56
kind of a tough call, maybe JC2 doesnt like crossfire because thats what an x2 card is. It's a one slot crossfire solution.

23rd Mar 2010, 15:02
Yeah, after trying every combination of settings with no results, that's pretty much the only thing I can think of.

I can only hope that this will somehow be fixed soon. I would hate to have wasted $45 on a game that is virtually unplayable for me.

23rd Mar 2010, 16:39
Just as a side-note, all of the benchmarks run fine all of the way through. I've done them multiple times with no problem. I thought that was odd. That seems to indicate that it may be some kind of UI problem; but I may have no clue what I'm talking about.

23rd Mar 2010, 17:22
Unless i am misreading your dxdiag its suggests you not running official drivers.. are you running Omega drivers perchance?

The fact that the driver files arent signed is a sure way of knowing your drivers are not the official Catalyst drivers from AMD.

And try not to double post, use edit for updating your last post if no one has posted since.. ta

23rd Mar 2010, 17:33
I got them from the official site (http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx).

Would trying Omega drivers change anything?

Edit: On looking at the Omega site, there aren't even drivers for Windows 7 or 64-bit yet, both of which I have; I guess that renders my last question pointless.

23rd Mar 2010, 19:05
if u using the official drivers your dxdiag isnt saying that.. its got all the driver files as unsigned.. are u using the beta drivers from their site or the latest 'released' drivers - 10.2 i believe

23rd Mar 2010, 19:29
No, I'm using the 10.2. At least, that's what I downloaded and executed.

23rd Mar 2010, 19:39
I finally managed to take some screenshots by going into windowed mode. What happens in windowed mode is a bit different than what normally happens, though. The flashing goes away, as does the gray cross. The textures still invert, though.

I'm pretty sure I'm looking at the horizon in this one.

I can only guess that I was looking at the ground in this one. I was on top of a building, though, so that ground must have been the side of a mountain that would have had to have been fairly far away. It looks really zoomed here.

I'm guessing that this is the railing of the building that I was on.

Even the menu was affected. Whenever I hit escape, this is what I saw. I could still click the buttons (using the noise they make when moused over). As you can see, it isn't completely black. There are some weird smudge-like effects.

Usually, the only thing visible is his hair, but every once in a while I'll get a flicker of body, which is always inside-out. I'll see if I can get a video working here in a second.

Edit: Here's a picture of the body.

Also, here's a slightly crappy quality video (http://s192.photobucket.com/albums/z32/Mershaullk/?action=view&current=What-1.flv). I recorded a better quality, different video as well, but it's going to take a while to upload.

23rd Mar 2010, 20:39
good god man do not i repeat DO NOT USE OMEGA ATI DRIVERS! the completely stink!

get official ATI catalyst drivers.

they suck a bit less :)

23rd Mar 2010, 21:00
After seeing that someone had been having problems with SLI, I turned Crossfire off and it seems to have fixed the problem. Unlike what I expected, there isn't that much of a dropoff in framerate. That just confirms my long-held thought that I have no clue whether or not ticking Crossfire on/off actually affects X2 cards. Does anyone know for sure?

Edit: Damn. Nevermind. It happened again. I guess changing that just somehow delayed the inevitable.

23rd Mar 2010, 22:43
The better-quality video finally finished uploading. Here it is. (http://s192.photobucket.com/albums/z32/Mershaullk/?action=view&current=What2.flv)

It'd also be nice to know is working on this problem at all if they think that it's something to do with the gamecode in regards to SLI/Crossfire. I know these things aren't finished quickly, but I'd like to know if a dev/whatever is at least looking into it.

24th Mar 2010, 22:03
Just thought that I should bump this to let whoever know that I'm still having the same problems. They're actually occurring less and less frequently, allowing me to play the game, but it's still happening at least once every hour or so.