View Full Version : When does the open world start?

23rd Mar 2010, 09:25
I just got the game and have been playing for a while and it's still making me do missions. All I want is the open world. How many missions until it starts?

23rd Mar 2010, 09:27
And why can't I skip some of the cut scenes?

23rd Mar 2010, 09:33
Just play the game and the open world will come at a certain point and some of the cutscenes can't be skipped. Enjoy the game ;)

23rd Mar 2010, 11:00
Effectively the first mission is like a tutorial... once you've completed that you are free to do what you like..

23rd Mar 2010, 11:12
Sounds like you've been in the open world for a while now but were still doing missions =p

23rd Mar 2010, 13:29
How is that related to the subject at hand or are you just spamming