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22nd Mar 2010, 18:22
Hello, I need some technical support with this game. Does anyone know where/who I can contact. I have tried emailing edios and rocksteady but they have not responded.

In the second scarecrow level I am unable to drop down from a ledge after "shimmying." I have been googling and the only thing I could find were posts on gamespot forums etc saying that this is a feature of the copy protection for the game to prevent piracy.

I purchased this game on STEAM and have never pirated it nor pirated any game for that matter.

If anyone knows what I can do to correct this problem, or if I'm just an idiot and not pressing the right button please tell me. I have basically slammed every button on my mouse/keyboard trying to drop down and I am very frustrated.

Picture worth 1000 words, video worth 1,000,000

If anyone can confirm that this is indeed one of the anti-piracy glitches or if it is something else entirely (problem exists between chair and keyboard?) please let me know.

22nd Mar 2010, 19:37
just press crouch button or if your useing the xbox controller press B. try experimenting in the challange maps. or look at the controll options.

sir biscuit
31st Mar 2010, 05:35
I have problems with that area also. I can't get batman to jump up on wall to even start shimming to side! I am using a logitech g15 keyboard...and is a legal disk bought at Fry's.. UPDATE: I went ahead & created an online account,it updated my system and ...TADA... it wiped out my saves and started me over ! Thanks alot GFWL...