View Full Version : I apologize for spoiler.

22nd Mar 2010, 12:50
I am sorry but it was not me who put up the spoiler of the ending but it was my stupid cousin who knows my password not my forum account but my computer password and I'm usually always logged In to the forums also I had already found out about the ending when he told me about it but I didn't wanna know but he can be very convincing fortunately no one but one person seen it so once again I am sorry also he said that he made another spoiler thread so delete it if possible .

22nd Mar 2010, 13:02
Well can you go to it and then edit it out?

22nd Mar 2010, 13:05
That's what they all say. They're always sorry when they get banned...

22nd Mar 2010, 14:07
I took care of it. Please try and be more careful. You might want to change your password to prevent anyone from maliciously using your user name. In the end you would be held responsible.