View Full Version : Problem/curious about CUDA water on my setup.

21st Mar 2010, 21:41
Good day to anyone reading this thread.

Here are my laptops specs:

Alienware M17X ( R1)

Core 2 Quad Q9000 @ 2.3
4 GB of RAM (3.75 useable)
Geforce GTX 260m in Sli ( I also have a Geforce 9400 internal chip, but I have it disabled in the bios.)
Windows 7 Proffesional

Advanced settings

As nice as the water is already looking, I figured out that the cuda/enhanched option is not on my menu, instead it is the title of my Advanced display settings as you can see above..

I have looked at the Nvidia website and there it says that CUDA is supported for the Geforce GTX 260m (http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_gtx_260m_us.html) still I do not have such an option in my settings, my 9400 IS disabled, so that cant be the problem.

Is this only me, or does it have something to do with the fact that my GPU is mobile, so less powerfull..?
The Nvidia control panel doesnt really give me much info about cuda enablement either, so im kinda out of idea's..

Any suggestions, anwsers or anything is welcome.

Thanks for your time!

Edit: Im using Dell released drivers : 186.64

22nd Mar 2010, 10:10
Bump... ...

22nd Mar 2010, 12:01
Probably just a demo glitch. Wait for the full release.

22nd Mar 2010, 18:49
There is absolutely no reason to have your antialiasing up that high. Setting it to 8x will give you better performance and it will look exactly the same, unless you are running the game at a resolution of 2560x1600.

22nd Mar 2010, 20:51
Thanks for the tip, running it a 4x now, and it indeed look fine!

Now waitin for the cuda water..!:P