View Full Version : TDM - Siege thingy present

13th Mar 2014, 21:56
Just had a game in Provance and it was a TDM game...but there was one - just one - of those weird Siege obelisk thingys present in the area near the fountain...it was there for the first match and I think it wasn't in the second but didn't really go to that area...

14th Mar 2014, 16:00
I saw it too, lol. It's only in that one spot on provance too. I didn't report it because I liked the cover and want it to stay. :P

25th Mar 2014, 17:44
I saw this happening more than once over the course of a couple of weeks (last time being yesterday); I can't be sure if it happens always, but it certainly wasn't a single case.

In Provance, the siege capture point in the square with the circular fountain (corner of the map, the one with the healing station inside the small house with an opening in the roof) spawns when I'm playing Deathmatch. I can't tell if I'm the only one to see it, but I can tell it's "physical", in the sense that I can't walk through it and I can even land on it with a jump. It also seems to be glowing, as if we had to capture it.

No other interaction is possible, nor it seems to go away under any circumstance once is there.