View Full Version : Benchmark problems

21st Mar 2010, 12:27
Ok the benchmark runs fine however this is not the problem, when i run the benchmark with everything maxed apart from ssao i get a stable 60 fps. However when i start to play the game the frame rate flicks between 30 and 60 every time i enter a settlement when the benchmark tells me it should be running fine.
Am i being stupid here and the benchmark shouldnt be taken seriously or do i actually have a problem ?

(sorry if its a stupid question its just been bugging me for a while)

21st Mar 2010, 13:11
I get 56 fps from the benchmark, but when I'm actually playing on ground level with some action going on, my average frame rate is around 44, minimum 30.

The camera in the benchmark floats high in the sky alot, and you get higher fps up there.

21st Mar 2010, 20:22
Did you keep an eye on the FPS in the bottom left hand corner? Because throughout my benchmark the fps kept changing between 30 - 70, like for a spilt second on each frame it would drop, so although my AVG was 60fps, you notice a 'lag' in game.
But maybe its suppose to do that... :s

21st Mar 2010, 21:56
no the frame rate in the bottom stayed constant at 60 ish