View Full Version : cinematic sound horrible loop

20th Mar 2010, 21:59
The in-game sound works perfectly, but for the cinematics my sound loops the first noise heard for a while, the picks a new sound to loop horribly. If i skip the video this sound loop carries to in-game. I turned down hardware acceleration and everythign to no avail.

Garrett Vega
25th May 2010, 19:35
Well, any solution? Just installed the game and I have the same problem and it's annoying.

14th Jun 2010, 17:29
I've got same problem :confused:

15th Jun 2010, 17:59
I've tried to turn off hardware aceleration..... and it WORKED!!!! Problem solved :D (yes, I should figure it out sooner :scratch:

28th Jul 2010, 21:08

do you me disable sound hardware acceleration in dxdiag??
I tried that and i still have the audio problems

4th Aug 2010, 18:26
reducing the sound hardware accelerationdidnt work.
and eidos support has been any help either.
Does anyone know how to fix this problem???

is this post still running??

3rd Dec 2010, 15:04
hi i hade the same problem but i found a solution for the sound loop.

1. Download and install latest OpenAL : LINK (http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/oalinst.zip)
2. In X:\WINDOWS\system32 locate file caled wrap_oal.dll, copy it to Mini Ninjas and rename it to openal32.dll.
3. Play the game!

this did it for me Ps. this is taken from another solution about mini ninja crashin to desktop

sry for my bad english.

30th May 2011, 23:20
Hi, if nothing has worked for you try replacing your binkw32.dll file found in your minininjas directory with another binkw32.dll from a working game, this seems to have fixed my cinematic sound loop problem so far.