View Full Version : JC2 Demo Cutscene Freeze

20th Mar 2010, 20:25
Hi, is there anyway to resolve the issue of the BSOD after the loading screens?
My system:
AW M17x
q9000, 260m SLi, 4gb RAM.
I had this game working a when it was first released.... then a patch or soemthing changed it... should i revert to an earlier driver?

21st Mar 2010, 04:51
Did you change the graphic settings? This causes a freeze in my case, too. Try to delete the folder with the changed settings (restoring settings to default does not help!) and start again.

22nd Mar 2010, 06:29
i did. but, i dont think that should be the issue. I had the game working a while ago..... please help!
i have redownloaded too.