View Full Version : Omg, this game

20th Mar 2010, 19:30
Just tried this on ps3 demo and...
I liked that mayhem on GTAIV but this is REALLY something...
Mess up with sivilians, fly planes, that they took off from GTAIV ´cos 911
and muchmuch more...
I just have to buy this!!

20th Mar 2010, 19:32
Yes, indeed!

I would literally kill someone to have this game right now, including mycoldman

... Okay, naaah.. I couldn't do that, not after everything he has done for us :lol: ... But I have to say, There is still a sudden urge for me to do it.. I'd do anything to have JC2 right now, ANYTHING! :hmm:

20th Mar 2010, 19:33
I went to my friends house last night and played a little GTA IV. I couldn't deploy my parachute while riding my motorcycle.

I was so sad...

20th Mar 2010, 19:39
Anyone know, will there be any kind multiplayer mess up thingamabob...
Like 32 players goofing around with planes and what ever...
Can´t tell much about this game ´cos I´m NOob with it but just asking??

20th Mar 2010, 19:40
No multiplayer.. :thumb: