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19th Mar 2010, 22:19
The First Avalache game I played was called "The Hunter" I remember when I was a no-lifer and quit wow for playing Tribal Wars.. when I saw an ad saying "The Hunter" When I entered I got amazed by the graphics and the distance you can look.. I love being out in the nature.. see the weather change as I wait for animals to show up.. BUT there was one big problem.. Im no PC gamer and my PC dont got enogh power to handle those graphics.. I had to play whit lag all the time untill I gave up and back to WoW.. a half year later I saw a paper whit an article about Just Cause 2 that had almost the same graphics and look distance (when I looked down a bit I saw Avalanche Studios and I knew they where using in avalanche engine in it) and it made me decide to QUIT WOW and get a ps3.. now Just Cause 2 is soon out and It will be my best game ever.. but.. there is no waiting for animals, enjoying the nature and the sounds as you lie down whit your rifle and binocular.. Its more like BOOM BOOM! (rico comes flying out whit a parachute from a huge explosion and blows some guards up and tether one of them to a car and drives of a cliff, seeing it fall to the ground and blow up right on the poor guard).. AND THATS AWESOME! but you know what I mean.. I like relaxing to

So, back to the subject.. I wonder if it can be possible to put The Hunter on the consoles whit reduced graphics
(Im not saying that you should do it or if you will do it sometime but I'm wondering if it is Possible to do it)

20th Mar 2010, 20:56
wow your post is the story of my life.. lol