View Full Version : Crash when use explosive gel with phyx enabled

19th Mar 2010, 18:35
About 70% of the time when I use the explosive gel the game will crash just upon detanation. This happens when I have Phyx enabled. If I desable Phyx everything works but the game frame rate drops dramiticaly and is very chopy.

Does any one know how to fix this with Phyx enabled. :mad2:

My system specs are:

mobo - Asus P6D Delux V2
CPU - Intel core I7 920
Mem - 6 GB Patroit
HD - 2 Seagate 750Gb in Raid 1
Sound - Soundblaster X-FI pro
Main Video card - Nvidia Geforce 260
Phyx Video card - Nvidia Geforce 9800gt